Who are SnowStew’s Parents? And more!!



„Please welcome Liberty Ross to the #SWATH cast as Snow White’s mother.“
„Noah Huntley will play the King (aka Snow White’s father) in #SWATH“

via fiercebitchstew

 @SamClaflin. Currently, he’s juggling his time filming ‘White Heat’ (TV Series) and doing his ‘princely duties’ at Pinewood Studios for SWATH pre-prod activities.

August 2 –  Straight off of the set of White Heat to @PinewoodStudios to continue training and pumping „Princely“ iron.
August 3 –  Just wrapped on White Heat for the day – back into #SWATH mode and Princely duties… Yet another workout @PinewoodStudios.
August 4 –  Heading home to @laurajhaddock, after what was yet another knackering day at the office. I do love my job, but I love my PJ’s and Laura more! Just finished working out whilst on the set of #WhiteHeat. 45 minutes on the newly arrived exercise bike in my trailer. Bring on #SWATH
August 5  – Busy busy busy. Juggle juggle juggle. Tired tired tired. Gym gym gym. Work work work. Gym work gym work. Work work gym. #TFI-Friday.
                – Powering towards another workout @PinewoodStudios. Not long now til we get going on #SWATH. More horse-riding, archery and fighting to come.

August 6 – Costume fitting and Gym @PinewoodStudios followed by a canter through some fields. Just an ordinary Saturday. Time to let my hair down now.

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