Kristen Stewart goes from vampires to royalty

Kristen Stewart has had quite the career so far—and it’s just getting better. The actress has gone from „running“ with vampires to being a part of a royal family… from Twilight to Snow White. The only thing that stayed the same is that her parent-figures are all good-looking! 

According to Hollywood Life, the actors who are playing the King and the Queen in the new Snow White film have been announced. These actors will play KStew’s mom and dad in the movie: „Noah Huntley will play the King, while Liberty Ross will play her mother, the Queen.“

It’s amazing how dynamic Kristen Stewart’s roles have been thus far, and it will definitely be interesting to see her go from Bella Swan to Snow White. While she is still playing a „fantasy“ role, it is going to much different for her this time around. She is going from an awkward high school studentto a tough princess—and that is one cool transformation!

Effie Orfanides


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