Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry Sport Blue Nail Polish

Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry have been spotted wearing nail polish in every shade of blue under the sun as of late. With the new Smurfs movie out for just a few days now, it might not be surprising that Perry would paint her nails blue, but enough celebs have been seen wearing it that the color blue seems to be the start of a new trend in nail color going into the fall, according to The Los Angeles Times. Blue nails might seem shocking to some, and there are definitely some vibrant blues to choose from, but there are also more subtle blues that almost appear neutral.

Katy Perry painted her nails a glittery blue to accompany her Smurfette dress that she wore to The Smurfs premiere. The dress was sparkly and full of sequins–definitely a bold statement–yet her blue nails were soft and icy, and the glitter in the polish gave her nails more of a neutral metallic feel. She looked adorable and though her outfit was not one that could be worn every day, it was definitely appropriate for the occasion.

Navy nails are bound to be the perfect shade for the fall months. Navy also proved to be the perfect shade for Kristen Stewart to coordinate with the red studded dress she wore to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. It might not be fall yet, but navy is another shade that falls into the neutral category. It is refreshing to see Kristen sporting deep navy nails with red, rather than the more typical nude or red shades that might normally be worn with a red dress.

Whether you want to try navy nails like Kristen Stewart, icy blue nails like Katy Perry, or a shade in between, nail polish companies offer plenty to choose from. OPI is releasing two shades of blue this month, Dior has shades called Blue Denim and Tuxedo Blue, Nars has a blue called Galion, and Essie has a blue named Mesmerize. Feel free to experiment, but to truly pull off this new beauty trend, be smart and choose a shade of blue that complements your skin tone. Just because The Smurfs is out does not mean you should look like one.



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