The Reviews Are In On Kristen’s @wmag Spread…the Results, She’s Stunning!!

Here are some articles and tweets about Kristen’s W Mag debut….

Holy hotness alert! Entertainment Tonight is airing a sneak preview of Kristen Stewart‘s shoot for W Magazine and it is absolutely stunning. The Twilight star’s hair and makeup is high-fashion perfection and she’s dressed up in leather and fur for the gorgeous shoot. FULL ARTICLE


That really is Kristen Stewart on the cover of W Magazine’s September issue, right? We’re typing very carefully here because these photos caused us to hyperventilate. Like, we’re feeling all Victorian here, so someone pass us the smelling salts! We’ve calmed down sufficiently to tell y’all that we think she looks FAB. FULL ARTICLE

Kristen Stewart graces the cover of the September issue of W magazine showing off a dramatic bombshell look. Just like her other magazine cover appearance with Robert Pattinson in Entertainment Weekly, she’s talking up the first instalment of Breaking Dawn ahead of its November release FULL ARTICLE

Twilight Star Kristen Stewart Bouffs Up, Looks Hot in W Magazine. Hottie alert! Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart has ditched her usual tomboy style for a glamorous W magazine makeover that sees the young starlet oozing sex appeal. FULL ARTICLE

We had to do a double take when we saw this — it doesn’t look much like the jeans + tee Kristen Stewart we know and love, does it? K.Stew pulled a Brigitte Bardot inspired look for the September issue of W magazine, lounging around in leather with some seriously glamorous hair and makeup. FULL ARTICLE

MTV Style…
Is it just me, or does looking at this cover make you feel like you were just woken up from a coma or a really long-winded but VERY realistic dream or some sort of 8-year-long bout of being cryogenically frozen? Because last time I checked, Kristen Stewart was an adorably unassuming, charmingly awkward, downright FAWN of a girl, and now W Magazine has her on its MONSTER September „Fashion Issue“ cover oozing all sorts of seduction and smoldering intensity and LUXE! H–How did I miss this?! But more important, why didn’t we get a taste of this sooner because DAYUM, girl looks GOOD! FULL ARTICLE

Access Hollywood…
Kristen Stewart graces the cover of W’s September issue looking absolutely stunning, with smoky eyes and bouffant coiffure — a departure from her typical minimalist look – and the 21-year-old actress says her tomboyish nature stems from being raised with male siblings. FULL ARTICLE

USA Today…
Kristen Stewart is transformed on the September cover of W magazine. But she’s still talking Twilight

Marie Claire…
Kristen Stewart’s sizzling W cover.
The starlet struck a sultry pose for the September cover of the famous American magazine. FULL ARTICLE


Kristen Stewart has us mesmerized with her stunning blue eyes on the September 2011 cover of W magazine. FULL ARTICLE


Kristen Stewart goes glam for W magazine, talks final ‘Breaking Dawn’ scene: ‘I love me a vampire’


From Bella Swan to ’60s bombshell – Twilight star Kristen Stewart lands on the cover of W magazine’s September issue, on newsstands August 23.
With high-volume hair and dolly bird makeup, she looks every bit the femme fatale. FULL ARTICLE

US Magazine…

Kristen Stewart Becomes a Bombshell on Gorgeous W Cover.

Robert Pattinson is one lucky guy!
Kristen Stewart got a stunning makeover for the September cover of W magazine FULL ARTICLE

MSN Wonderwall…

Over the past three years since „Twilight“ first premiered, Kristen Stewart has evolved from an awkward star who was shy of the spotlight, to the occasionally glamorous, occasionally grungy girlfriend of Rob Pattinson. With the premiere of „Breaking Dawn: Part I“ on the horizon, the actress got glam for W Magazine, and opens up about how it felt to film the final scene of the franchise. FULL ARTICLE

ET Canada…

„Twilight“ star Kristen Stewart drops her tomboy image for a glamorous ’60s inspired cover shoot for W’s September issue.
In a series of stunning photos shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the actress shows off some of fall’s hottest fashion trends in the magazine’s biggest fashion issue of the year. FULL ARTICLE

Kristen Stewart Becomes a Bombshell on Gorgeous W Cover FULL ARTICLE

UK Yahoo…
Kristen Stewart looks drop dead gorgeous in her cover shoot for W Magazine.
The ‘Twilight’ actress chatted about ‘Breaking Dawn’ and dished about the wedding and honeymoon

Red Carpet…
Kristen Stewart looks amazing on the cover of W Magazine’s September 2011 issue wearing a Max Mara’s mohair and wool sweater, with big barbarella hair as she stares at us with her piercing green eyes. FULL ARTICLE

Twilight Fans, Rejoice! Kristen Stewart Covers September. Huge celebrities are par for the course when it comes to the covers of September issues, and W Magazine got one of the most buzzed-about young actresses in the world to star on it’s fall fashion issue: Kristen Stewart. The Twilight saga has skyrocketed the 21-year-old to international super-stardom, and the fashion world has definitely adopted her as one of its own. FULL ARTICLE

Wowowowow, check out Kristen Stewart in the new issue of W—styled by Edward Enninful and photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. She looks amazing. FULL ARTICLE

Kristen Stewart Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before in W‘s September Issue.Kristen Stewart smolders, cat-eyed and ’60s style, on the cover of W‘s September issue, photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott and styled by Edward EnninfulFULL ARTICLE

Kristen Stewart gets SERIOUSLY sexy for W Magazine cover shoot ahead of Breaking Dawn. WOW, we knew Kristen Stewart was stunning, but we had no idea she had this in her! Kristen’s latest cover shoot for W Magazine is out of this world. FULL ARTICLE

 It’s a new dawn for Twilight’s Kristen Stewart as she drops the grunge for most glamorous photoshoot yet. Entertainment Tonight has revealed a sneak peek of Kristen’s W spread – and the results speak for themselves. The actress transforms from teenage dream to credible fashionista, lounging around seductively in leather and fur. FULL ARTICLE…
Kristen, is that really you? Kristen Stewart usually takes pride in her tom-boyish image and misunderstood artist demeanor, but on the cover of W Magazine’s September issue, the actress shows a whole different (less shy, but quite beautiful) side of herself. FULL ARTICLE

Back Seat Cuddler…
Kristen Stewart is all glammed-up for W Magazine. Natalie Wood. Elizabeth Taylor. Valley of the Dolls. Kristen Stewart is reminiscent of all those ultra-glam women of the 60s in this cover for the September issue of W magazine. The Snow White & The Huntsman actress has heavy cat eyeliner and blush with a teased bouffant hairstyle that is a pretty perfect replica of time gone by. FULL ARTICLE

Woman on the Verge FULL ARTICLE

Kristen Stewart Glam-Fanged Makeover in W FULL ARTICLE

Kristen Stewart Looks STUNNING on ‘W’ Cover FULL ARTICLE

KStew on Breaking Dawn: It Was Major FULL ARTICLE

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Not a lie: We’ve NEVER seen Kristen Stewart look better

@theFABlife: We think Kristen Stewart’s stunning W magazine pics have a Priscilla Presley vibe.


How gorgeous does #KristenStewart look on the cover of @WMag?!

@fabsugar This is the most beautiful I have ever seen Kristen Stewart


Shut The Front Door: Is That You, Kristen Stewart?

@taryder: Sneak Peek: Kristen Stewart Stuns in Leather for W Magazine @celebuzz is this her best shoot yet??


Kristen Stewart is hot!

@Shopgrrl81: I really love that she does sexy on her terms in editorials, it’s never overt.

Great cover. It’s total 60s bad girl, very I’m going to kick your ass and take your man too. Love they make her eyes the focal point.

Ideally I think a good editorial can show an actor in a different light and imo that’s what the ‘W’ pictures have done for Kristen.
Heavier makeup than K has used in shoots, but facial structure is the same. Normal airbrush & her eye color on the cover is all I’d concede.


@MyCleverAlias Okay. I get that people aren’t into Kristen’s everyday, VERY casual looks. Skinnies, t-shirts and Chucks are not glam. Sure. But she dresses up fairly frequently for events, and most of them involve notable make-up and hair. Love the love for the W spread, but I don’t get why people are shocked (SHOCKED!) to see the shots. She’s giving off a much more overtly sexy vibe, sure. But it’s not like she never works a glam look on the red carpet. I don’t get it. #EndRant #ILH #StopBeingSurprisedThatShesBeautiful

@TerriSeymour: (ExtraTV) Have you seen the pictures of Kristen Stweart in @Wmag? She looks amazing!


#KStew looks beyond GORGEOUS! Kristen Stewart goes glam for W magazine, talks final ‘Breaking Dawn’ scene


Kristen Stewart looks SMOKIN’ Hot for W magazine
@fureyyyy  MIKE FUREY (Singer/Songwriter/Artist)
Just saw the September W. Sick shit. Congrats to @wmag + friends. On stands soon. Buy this mag.

@benskervin: (Fashion Hairstylist ) So all u #KristenStewart fans R in for a treat the @wmag cover & story of her is so amazing she looks so beautiful M&M @ there make ova best

@benskervin „@wmag: It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. W’s September cover girl, Kristen Stewart:” like I said WOW

@MelanieVenuto (Writer/Blogger)

Photo: Ok. @wmag killed it. Kristen Stewart looks breathtaking. The cover is just as brilliant. I almost fell out of my chair.

@fuggirls: (Celebrity fashion watchdog-bloggers) Whoa. K Stew looks GORGEOUS in the Sept @wmag. – J

@dysfashional Super duper right hand high! #SCORE on Kristen’s beauty look #LuigiMurenu & @luciapieroni /Clé de Peau Beauté; the only skincare I use @Wmag

@jimshi809😦Fashion journalist)  #KristenStewart looks INCREDIBLE on the Sept. @wmag cover! Amazing job @EdwardEnninful!

@flaxendoll Kristen Stewart loves her a vampire, her photoshoot in W magazine

@hurricanevaness (Editorial Director, Editor SA Cosmopolitan, Blogger)

Kristen Stewart scrubs up to look very much like the young Elizabeths: Hurley and Taylor. For W Magazine.


What a great cover @wmag ! Love the whole shoot, Kristen Stewart looks stunning! 

@nathaliemc (Editor of KISS Magazine)

K-Stew is looking GAW-JUS on the cover of W:

@VB_VictorBlanco (Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Stylist)

Kristen Stewart looks amazing on the cover of W Magazine’s September 2011 issue

@RougeberryF Rougeberry Fashion

Editorial: Kristen Stewart for W Magazine, September 2011: Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is stunning and sensational on the cover and an accompanying photo-shoot for W magazine, issue of September 2011.

@Antooonio (Fashion Blogger)

Kristen Stewart’s @Wmag september cover is amazing. Finally she steps out of her „comfort zone“.


Kristen Stewart For W Magazine September 2011: Kristen Stewart looks wonderful on the cover…


The hair, the makeup, the eyes. Stunning! RT @wmag the moment you’ve all been waiting for. W’s Sept cover girl Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart Dons High-Fashion for W Magazine:…

@Mel452 Per the tweet button online at #WMag, Kristen’s cover story is the MOST popular. Its at 302 tweets, the next closest is Rooney Mara at 267 (Feb11). None other even comes close inc Mila and Emma’s.

@MissWu_NY: OMG @Wmag September cover Is super gorge…! Cc: @edwardenninful

@fashion_spot: OMG did everyone see Kristen Stewart on Sept @wmag cover? She looks fantastic but unrecognizable.

@THELOVEMAGAZINE: Kristen Stewart for @wmag by Mert + Marcus

@AdeleStew: Kristen Stewart is „unexpectedly seductive“ from @VOGUERussia

@TomELLECOVERS: Wow, Kristen Stewart covers September W, by Mert & Mercus. Beautiful

@Joel_Dash (Stylist || Image Consultant || Fashion Editor)

@EdwardEnninful Kristin looks beyond amazing on the Sept11 cover.. love it and love YOU!x
@fashgonerogue Kristen Stewart for W Magazine September 2011 by Mert & Marcus
LOVING LOVING LOVING Kristen Stewart on the cover of @wmag‘s Septmber Issue! Are u??

@refinery29: Holy F: Kristen Stewart is Brooke Shields twin on cover of W mag

@popseekret Pleased with all the praise for Kristen’s W yet slightly peeved by the surprise. It’s a different look for her but even in airport pics (and inside-out tees), she’s gorgeous. It’s not like W didn’t have anything to work with.


The #SeptemberIssue Covers keep rolling in – @KateAMoss, #KristenStewart, @MsLeaMichele … which coveted mag cover star is your favorite?

@cutblog: Kristen Stewart looks nothing like herself on the cover of @Wmag’s September issue

@tomandlorenzo: One look at Kristen Stewart for @WMag and Lo turned into a screaming teenage fangurl. She looks ASTONISHINGLY good


Still can’t get over how HOThotHOT Kristen Stewart looks in the new @wmag. She def cleans up well!!


The new pics of Kristen Stewart in W Magazine are stunning

@cynxp33: Inspiration equation Wmag shoot: Ana Karina in Alphaville + Brigitte Bardot in Contempt = Sixties Godard girl.

THANKS TO THE AMAZING @KStewAngel for many of these tweeted articles/tweets!!!

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