Empire Big Screen Roundup: First Look Coverage #BreakingDawn

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt.1 – Bill Condon
Shown two scenes.
The Honeymoon of Edward & Bella. Montage of Bella frustratedly getting ready for the night whilst Edward goes swimming.
The second sequence was Jacob speaking to the Cullens about Bella then going over to his former clan in the woods territory to barter a truce.
MyAnna Buring was on hand for a mini interview here’s a summary of what she said:
– She’s on the fence re: team Edward /Jacob Leaning more towards Jacob.
– The different vampire families actually bonded and did activities together as real family units.
– The lure of the Twilight series was the idea of finding that one true love in the world.
Kill List – Ben Wheatley
From what we saw incredibly atmospheric film, possibly the new Dead Man’s Shoes
Based upon reoccuring dreams Ben Wheatley had.
Sound makes very good use of cinema dynamic range, 5.1.
From the interviews with cast & director:
described the film as starting as a kitchen sink drama tha t evolves over time. (looks like it descends in to madness)
Favourite horrors: The Shining, Evil Dead 2.



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