Kristen Stewart filming in English forest!

Kristen Stewart will be filming some scenes in Snow White and the Huntsman in an English forest, and photos of the area have been released! The woodsy area looks very beautiful yet mysterious, a perfect place for this movie to be filmed!

„The set for Snow White is being constructed in an area known as Bourne Woods, near the English town of Farnham, about 40 miles southwest of London. Other films have shot in the area, including Robin Hood, Gladiator and one of the Harry Potter films,“ 
Hollywood Life reports.

Many people are very excited for this remake (based on theDisney classic), and these tidbits about location are proving how good this film is going to be. If you look at the photos, the greenery looks lovely, and the paths through the woods look magical. Bourne Woods seems like the perfect place to film Snow White! Stewart will be shooting there very soon—will she be wearing her armor?



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