Robert Pattinson flying to see Kristen Stewart this weekend?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been apart for a month, and there is a ton of speculation surrounding the couple. Of course there are a bunch of break-up rumors swirling around (heaven forbid these two are apart while they work), but some other rumors—more positive ones—are circulating as well.

Since Kristen is in London filming Snow White and the Huntsman, many people are assuming that Rob is going to fly across the pond to spend some time with her. Of course he is very respectful of her obligation to work, so when (or if) he goes, it’s going to coincide with her schedule.
“This isn’t Rob and Kristen’s first extreme brush with long distance. The happy couple [was] apart for one month while Rob was shooting Cosmopolis in Toronto, but Kristen flew up right at the end and hung around set all night with their dog Bear! With a holiday weekend upon us, we’re wondering if Rob is planning on visiting his lady love,“ says Chloe Melas.

It is a possibility, but since Pattinson is technically on „vacation“ from work, the long weekend probably doesn’t affect his travel plans. Hopefully these two catch up with one another soon!



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