Kristen Stewart’s Best Twilight Saga Moments

The fictional character who has been created by Stephanie Meyers has turned 24 today and boy has she had an exciting few years.
With Bella moving to Forks to live with her dad, she soon catches the attention of Edward Cullen, a vampire who, try as he might, can’t get away from her. With the revelation that Edward is a vampire, Bella soon gets sucked into their world and is constantly fighting to stay alive.
Despite all the trials and tribulations, Edward and Bella get married, with the promise that Edward would make his new wife a vampire…However an unplanned pregnancy throws all their plans up in the air…Having played the role of Bella since 2008, we take a look back at Kristen Stewart’s best Bella Twilight Saga moments!


Happy Birthday Bella!


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Source via KstewAngel


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