Ten things to hope to see in the new ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ trailer

So far with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, we’ve gotten a few morsels – thanks to the first trailer, the film’s official stills, and the clips shown at Comic-Con – but there’s still a lot left to be seen from the film. Trailer number two, which debuts tomorrow, promises to offer a few new glimpses, if the fifteen-second preview we saw last week is any indication.
Having put to bed the discussion as to whether fans want to see the wedding dress ahead of time (a resounding „No“ came from that one), and assuming more romance from the honeymoon is always desired, what else can we hope to see in the second trailer? Here are ten ideas:

  • The Guardian
The first scene in the book, where „Bella“ fills up the tank of her Mercedes Guardian – her pre-transformation car meant to protect her from everything, given to her by „Edward“ after her truck conveniently kicked the bucket – is a good one because it’s „Bella“ in her own head, still a spectacle of course, reviewing what she’s about to do: get married. Which is something she always thought was ridiculous in a way. It’s an easy one to cut from the story if needs-be, but I hope it doesn’t fall to that fate. Seeing this car in the trailer would certainly resolve the issue of whether this will be included in the film.
  • More Charlie in a Tux
We got a sneak peek at „Charlie“ (Billy Burke) preparing to give his daughter away – not enthusiastically, to be sure – for her big day in one new still from the film, and it was as adorable. „Charlie“ in a tux, uncomfortable as ever when it come to his daughter’s love life . . . it’s just priceless. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say to her and „Edward“ (Robert Pattinson) in this moment, so inclusion of any part of this in trailer is very acceptable in my book.
  • Where’s Jasper?
Some of these ideas came directly from readers and followers, and one of the popular suggestions has been „More Jasper.“ So far, little has been seen of this character, even despite his grand participation in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, so many of you are hoping that trailer two will bring forth a shot of the pre-bachelor party moment when „Jasper“ (Jackson Rathbone) and „Emmett“ (Kellan Lutz) call „Edward“ down from „Bella’s“ room to join them on a little hunting excursion before the wedding day.

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