‘MSNMOVIESUK’s 8 Reasons Why ‘Breaking Dawn’ Will Be The Best Movie Of The Twilight Saga

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It’s become weirdly popular to bash the Twilight series. Even other movies have had a go, from Vampires Suck to Fright Night. Part of it is the success factor – the same thing happened to Titanic when it became the biggest movie of all time. Some fans and critics have also taken a dim view of the last couple of Twilight movies. But we have fang-tastic news: Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2 look set to be the best Twilight movies yet – the ones to prove the naysayers wrong. Here’s why.

1. Wedding Bella
Everyone loves a good movie wedding. And by Jove they’ll get it in Breaking Dawn Part 1 as Bella and Edward tie the knot in a heart-wrenchingly romantic ceremony in the woods. Watch Bella lip-wobble up the aisle with her father at the beginning of the new trailer. You can bet fashion companies are already drafting copies of that hairpiece.

2. Vampire sex!
A steamy honeymoon scene means this will be the sexiest Twilight yet. Check out Edward sweeping up Bella and carrying her off to bed from 0:50 on the trailer. Then check out the mess they’ve made of those feather pillows. ‘Last night was the best night of my existence,’ he later says (note strategic avoidance of the word ‘life’).

3. Baby blues!
Judging by the trailer a large portion of the first Breaking Dawn is given over to the dramas of Bella’s pregnancy – and it looks like a real nail-biter. The little blighter is growing too fast in mummy’s tummy and doesn’t like being there very much either, so Bella’s life is at serious risk. We know this because she looks even paler than usual.

4. Jacob’s on the warpath
We love seeing Jacob get hot under the collar and he’s got plenty of reasons in these new additions to the saga. Watch out for an emotional goodbye to Bella at 0:40 in the trailer and keep your fingers crossed that he can stop the wolf pack going after Bella and her unborn baby.

5. Edward gets cross
Not to be outdone, Mr Cullen slots in plenty of brow-furrowing as Bella insists on keeping the baby that is putting her life in danger. This rift puts a strain on their new marriage and is sure to have fans on the edge of their seats.

6. Edward gets his fangs out
Under pressure. Edward finally fulfils his wife’s dearest wish: to be nipped in the neck and become a vampire. This should make part 2 of Breaking Dawn much edgier and give Kristen a chance to show off her range. She might even smile. You never know.

7. Baby boom
As Meyer readers will know, the freakish child makes her way into the world and loses no time in making enemies. Chief among these is vamp Irina (Maggie Grace) who thinks the kid is a threat and tells the Volturi to do away with her. Serious suspense follows.

8. New Blood
Breaking Dawn will introduce a ton of attractive new characters such as nomad Garrett (Lee Pace), Alice’s lovematch Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) and the Amazonian Zafrina (EastEnders’ Judith Shekoni). We also get to see more of Anna Kendrick as Jessica and Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius. And these can only be good things.

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