Kristen at the Mulberry Fashion Show (London Fashion Week)


Mulberry Spring/Summer fashion show in London – Sept 18th, 2011
Kristen is wearing Mulberry Resort 2012 Printed Dress, a Mulberry Resort 2012 Stripe Belt and Mulberry Resort 2012 Buckle Ankle Booties. coolspotters

Updated Sunday September 18, 11.20am: Kate Moss and Twilight’s Kristen Stewart made for quite the starry front row this morning at Mulberry – where all the fun of Brighton Pier was brought to life with balloon animals, ice cream and fizzy pop.

On the catwalk it was all rain macs in bright yellow and big Brigitte Bardot hair. „I loved the yellow, it’s actually my favourite colour,“ Stewart told us backstage after the show, confessing that going to shows isn’t something she’d usually do. „But I was really glad to come to this one.“ –Vogue.UK
Stewart, who rose to fame through her role in the Twilight saga, admitted she was a big fan of British fashion, and said of the show: “Oh man, it was great.“TelegraphUK

Kristen backstage with Kate Moss and Mulberry designer Emma Hill

HQ Pics of Kristen Leaving the Show

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Cropped CloseUps


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