Sam Claflin: Every Single Character Has a Darkness About Them

In a recent interview during a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ DVD Press Junket Sam Claflin had a chance to talk a bit about ‘Snow White And The Huntsman.’

Q. You’re currently working on another blockbuster, though… Snow White & The Huntsman, which looks unlike anything we’ve come to expect from the Snow White story we know…

Sam Claflin: Yeah, I’m Prince Charmant. It’s very different from Pirates and what we know of Snow White and it’s great to be able to challenge myself with new things in that way. As much as the character may sound similar to Philip, they are different, so there’s plenty of opportunity to keep myself on my toes and try and find new things to do with the characters I play within these fantasy stories. And as you say, it’s going to be very different from how most people perceive Snow White & The Seven Dwarves.
Q. Is it fair to assume it’ll be darker?

Sam Claflin: A lot darker… every single character has a darkness to them.

Read the Entire Interview at Indie London


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