SWATH Update: More on Kristen Sighting and Video

Watch Video Here

September 23, 2011 KristenStewbabe Her costume was like robin hood type thingy brown with knee high boots and of course epic black long hair!
I SAW KRISTEN! And i stood right outside her trailer! Dean was well pissed off and walked me out then bollocked security! Not Dean sorry im tired after an epic day! Kristens bodyguard whats his name?
Saw the dwarfs loads of times and bob hoskins and chris hemsworth a few times. Have got pics but not of kristen. Will try to go again sometime yes. Chris was all in costume with long hair and medieval outfit.

September 22, 2011 Jesm30 #SWATH snow white wearing brown, tunic dress, heavy material. Beautiful hair. Huntsman looking good ;0) dwarves looked amazing in costumes! Omg!! I’ve just Snow white, the huntsman and the dwarves!! SO EXCITED!!! #SWATH
@kstewandgene I do feel lucky to of walked through the sets before/after filming and now to c the cast! Amazing!
@ingrydpattinson the day was nice!! No I didn’t see the prince. @Elle_2x was so cool, didn’t think for a minute we would c her! No pics- sorry! X

imoviei Flying visit to #swath location in Wales – great job Tobin and crew – back again tomorrow.



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