Kristen Stewart ‘Snow White’ Halloween Costumes for Women & Kids in 2011?

It seems as if Kristen Stewart may play a small role in inspiring „Snow White“ Halloween costumes for women and kids. The „Twilight Saga“ movie actress has a big role as the lead character Snow White in an upcoming movie (without Robert Pattinson), which may lead fans of hers to purchase different costumes.

According to Halloween Costume Scene, right now a Classic Snow White costume is ranking 10th for adult costume sales. This is based on a top 10 list for fairytale inspired adult costumes, including other popular characters like Alice in Wonderland, and the Queen of Hearts. Whether or not Kristen Stewart is inspiring some of her female fans to buy costumes is another question, but the character Snow White has been popular for a long time. She’s one of the characters many women and children seek out when visting Disney, and one of the main movies many Disney fans center DVD or Blu-ray collections around.

Kristen Stewart definitely has her share of fans young and old which could increase with the new movie. Her Snow White costume was recently revealed. Most of the younger girls will want to dress up as Bella, so they can find their own Robert Pattinson or Edward on Halloween. However, the Bella wedding look may be a bit much for younger girls. Some girls may just want to dress up as Kristen Stewart, who at times has been a bit of a rebel. Snow White seems like a great way to let them dress up as a classic Disney fairytale character that their idolized actress will portray. Besides, all girls and women want to be treated like princesses, and that’s what Snow White ultimately became. Not a bad idea for some extra special treatment and respect on Halloween!


Via twilightish


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