Marcus Foster mentions Rob and Kristen in new interview

DISCOVERED Marcus Foster quite by chance at this year’s Green Man Festival.

As I was walking from one side of picturesque Glanusk Park to the other, I heard some beautiful melodic folk pop emanating from a nearby stage.

On closer inspection, it was the much-talked-about singer-songwriter, who was wowing a large crowd with a set of bewitching tunes.

In a crowded marketplace, his name has people talking. Radio 1 has picked up on his richly evocative music, while a friendship with a certain bloodthirsty Hollywood star hasn’t hurt his credibility.

It appears one Robert Pattinson is a friend and it transpires Marcus was at school with the Twilight star.

“Yes I was. We’re good friends, and have been for a long time,” he says. “It’s mad what’s happened to him. I’ve met Kristen Stewart through him, who stars in my latest video (I Was Broken). I asked, and she said she’d do it.”

The 24-year-old releases his new album Nameless Path today, which is set to see his stock rise even higher.

“I’ve already started writing the second one,” he reveals. “I’m halfway through. Nameless Path is still exciting to me – the band I have make sure it stays fresh when we play live and I keep forgetting no-one has heard these songs yet.

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