On the road to be shown at Cannes?

For fans who asked me: ON THE ROAD trailer shown Thursday to the French theatre owners. Looked great. Movie’ll be in Cannes #kristenstewart
@KSFranceCom Promesse belle reconstitution, belles images et pour ce qui vous intéresse : belle scène de danse avec KS. RDV à Cannes.
@ KSFranceCom Promise beautiful reconstitution, beautiful images and what you want: beautiful dance scene with KS. Appointment in Cannes.
@KSFranceCom Un des favoris pour le prochain Cannes. J’avais très envie de le voir dès le début et le trailer a confirmé mon envie.
@ KSFranceCom A favorite for the next Cannes. I really wanted to see from the start and the trailer has confirmed my desire.

The 2012 Cannes Film Festival is scheduled for May 16 to 27th and hopefully we’ll get confirmation soon from an official source that the movie will premiere there.

Credits: http://mrhedlund.com/



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