#SWATH set update + pics from @HerdingClouds

Lots of cool tweets on what looks like a beach setting for #SWATH set filming from @HeardingClouds
He promises to tweet more pics from tomorrow when filming is due to begin on this set. No Kristen Stewart on this part of the filming, but can’t wait to see the full set.

  • #SWATH Less than 48 hrs until filming starts down here. Horse trailers arriving in convoy plus equestrian stunt team from Spain. Busy times!
  • Its getting even busier here now. Just been up to see the film crew camp. Huge white accommodation trailers pulling up.
  • Going 2nite for pre-shoot wander. Hopefully get some photos for you over the next few days.
  • #SWATH It’s the day before filming, grey and windy. Currently armed with a camera heading for the location. Standby for some photos…
  • #SWATH On location now, will post photos soon. It’s wet and windy, but loads going on. Two helicopters with camera rigs arrived on field.
  • #SWATH The tech crew built this to get the 80+ horses down to the beach. Props of dead + injured horses have been made.

#SWATH Tech + DoPs checking over 2 aerial-cam helicopters. The boom suggests the helicopter will fly low over action.

  • #SWATH The stunt guys! They have been practising a ground drag behind a horse. The guy sat down has a rope on his foot.

#SWATH There will be a castle standing on this island, courtesy of the FX dept. It is to here that the horses charge.

SWATH There is stabling for around 100 horses on site now, with tons of feed and hay. Trainers + hands living in vans.

#SWATH The sheer quantity of accommodation on site now is just incredible. And the catering trucks smell amazing!

  • #SWATH Filming starts 2moro. 80+ Horses will charge up beach towards the castle. Waiting 4 call from location dept. Might b working on site.
  • #SWATH I hope the previous photos have been OK. I will bring you more news and photos as the week goes on. Until then… :o)
  • From what I can gather from talking to the tech and location guys, Kristen will not be here. Cheers!



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