Jack Morrissey Answers More Breaking Dawn Questions

Q: Could you tell me what tint Breaking Dawn will have? (Twilight had blue)

A: Do you think the next two had a tint as well? This one goes to too many countries to have one color through it. Also, the idea of a single color used like that feels like a Catherine Hardwicke signature (see also Red Riding Hood).

Q: Will wee see Bella’s Mercedes Guardian in the movie?

A: No, we go straight to the Cullen house. Sorry! One of those scenes that doesn’t serve an overall movie story pace.

Q: The Meadow is such an integral part of Bella and Edward’s story, are there any meadow scenes in Breaking Dawn 1 & 2?

A: It’s TWILIGHT, so of course there are scenes set in meadows and fields.

Q: One other thing I’ve missed in the series is the emphasis on Bella and Alice’s friendship! That has been lacking.

A: Well, you won’t be missing that anymore, believe me.

Q: Everyone deserves a round of applause for stepping up the wow factor on this one! If the trailer is any indication, then omg!

A: Actually here’s my favorite thing about the trailer – it’s very good, but it doesn’t prepare you for the movie you’re getting.



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