Jack Morrissey talks more about Breaking Dawn and cute Edward and Bella moments

Jack, how will BD1 end? Will we see red eyes? Vamp Bella? Renesmee?

  • You don’t really want to me to give away the ending, do you?

Does Bill have any plans to slip a little something at the end of the BD1 credits? Perhaps a glimpse of BD2?

  • Hope springs eternal!

Rob is going to speak Portuguese in the film, right?

  • Yes.

Do we get the „dog bowl“ scene and blonde jokes in the film?

  • There are a few jokes in there; the food throwing scene will be on the DVD.

Is Rob going to be on the BD2 soundtrack?

  • I’m a bit unclear, but either Rob isn’t doing anything with music at the moment or he wants to keep it separate. 

What are Rob and Kristen like?

  • They’re both great people and Bill loves them both, but I have never met Rob, Kristen… or Bear, for that matter.

Where in the film will „It Will Rain“ play?

  • You can guess all you like, but I can’t say. Bill says wait and see!

Will Breaking Dawn come out in IMAX?

  • Shnope. HAPPY FEET 2 took all the IMAX screens.

Is there a music video for Bruno Mars, „It Will Rain“?

  • So far as I know, there is no video yet. I believe they are shooting one, but I don’t know when you can expect to see it.

Is there going to be an UNEDITED dvd version of Breaking Dawn?

  • Hope Springs Eternal.

Will Bill do his commentary solo or with others…and by others i do NOT mean RK?

  • Solo.

Why isn’t Muse on the Soundtrack?

  • LINK: Muse Article on MTV
  • And as for what I think about that, I would say that’s extremely bad form.

The pendant that Aro gave to Bella as a wedding gift…will that make the movie?

  • I honestly can’t remember if that was shot or not.

Why are some movies shorter than the others?

  • Movies are movies are movies. Pacing, flow, rhythm. It’s never about cramming every word in if it doesn’t make for good pacing.
  • It’s not about how many minutes the movie is – it’s what happens during those minutes.

Some tweets about Edward and Bella Cuteness!! 

  • The chess scenes we’ve seen in stills made it into the film. Chess just got sexier!
  • Lots and lots of E & B kisses
  • More laughs (in a good way) in this film than the previous 3
  • Edward will toast Bella and/or say sweetness at the wedding. A fan pointed out Bill said this at Comic Con or in EW but I don’t recall Bill saying this. 

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