New/Old pics of Kristen with Nikki Reed + Fan encounter

These pics are from back in 2008;)

From Duncandiary | Via

The real story, however, was that on the flight to LA, I sat in the row directly behind the cast of the Twilight movie. Normally I’m not overly star struck but this was quite the strange situation because Natalie had just gotten the 4 book series of the Twilight story and read them all and loved them! She told me all about the story, told me she’s dying to see the movie… and was just in love with the story. So here I find myself a day later sitting with all these people that she just spent the week reading about! it was just so strange!

Anyway, I would normally just let them go but because Natalie was so into their story, I just knew that I had to ask for a picture, and to let them know how much of a fan Natalie is already. They were extremely nice and very good looking, despite having been up early and just had a long flight. The picture doesn’t do them justice but trust me, they were truly stunning.



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