Jackson Rathbone Talks Vampire Sex, Bella’s Birth Scene & More

What if Breaking Dawn was rated X?

Jackson Rathbone actually wishes it did! He also reveals in an interview with E! News what it was like when Kristen Stewart strutted her stuff down the aisle to marry vampy love Robert Pattinson. Here’s a hint: It’s a real tear jerker!

Oh, and as for the birthing scene: Can anyone say crowning?

So, just how graphic will the baby-making biz get?

“[We have] another five years before we can show crowning in a PG-13 film,” said an almost giddy Jackson, who plays broody brother Jasper. “I was pushing for the X-rated version, personally—vampire sex and crowning, the whole nine yards.”

Yeah, funny you should mention that so were we…Well maybe minus the crowning part!

But unfortunately, with a PG-13 rating, things between Bella and Edward can only get so steamy. So needless to say, there won’t be any close-up of the birth.

So what about the far less bloody and far glitzier wedding scene?

“We had 20 people covering Kristen Stewart so that they couldn’t get pictures of her wedding gown. It was an insane lockdown that day. It felt more like a prison,” says Jackson.

(Uh, yeah, we recall hearing stories to that effect.)

No surprise there tho; everyone wanted a pic of that dress—or maybe more importantly, the kiss!

But enough with the weepy scenes (peep the video to hear what made Jackson want to shed a tear), we wanna know about all the behind the scenes partying!

“I don’t think anyone remembers it, that’s how crazy it was,” Jackson says of the wrap party. Everyone was like, ‘There was a wrap party?’ ”

Three words: ah-maz-ing! That sounds like the right way to say goodbye to us.

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