@markuscopeland (SWATH Extra) Tweets About Kristen on the Set

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Кристен Стюарт е много красива на живо.“

you met Kristen Stewart?

  • Not really, we were just filming together (she was an extra and I was the lead, or something like that)

She was cool. Also, apologies if you got attacked by many random people.

  • For everyone who’s asking, no I didn’t talk to Kristen Stewart, she literally walked past me, she was cool, she’s a hardworking actress
  • and I can’t talk about the scene I shot today, though I will say it should look AWESOME!
  • Yes mate! She is. I wanted to give her a hug, like. Seemed really down-to-earth. Well… for Snow White, at least!

can u even talk to her? I was an extra once not allowed! So was ur scene wit her or not? 😀 thanks!

  • Don’t know! Wasn’t told I couldn’t, nobody tried. I was in the scene with her, but not really near her, the issue never came up

are you filming in studio in london or you are on location with the cast outside?

  • At Pinewood, though we’re on a set rather than inside one of the studios

hi! 🙂 was it just kristen u saw today? aww why dont u try to say hi to her? 😀 thanks 4 updates enjoy rest tomorrow!

  • Yeah, there were a few other actors I didn’t recognise, so I can’t count them! She was getting ready for a scene. so wrong time!
  • She’s REALLY pretty in person. but also seemed cool and down-to-earth. But then, you knew that…

[LOL at the fandom warning him about her having a boyfriend.. keeping an eye on rob’s girl lol I love it:3 ]
and dude just to remember u know she has a boyfriend? 😉 so b careful haha!

  • haha that was the only thing stopping me from going over there and making my move! 😉

u onset tomorrow? 🙂

  • No, not tomorrow. Maybe end of the week, or next. Depends what they want!

true that! 😉 cant u take a pic 4 us to show how u were in character? love to c it!

  • Ooooooh I would LOVE to, but they’d kill me for taking photos! Also, I look ill. That’s not slang, it looks like I’ve got fever!

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