Kristen on Ask Men UK’s Top 99 Women List

Why Kristen Stewart Is No.90
It’s hard to believe that Kristen Stewart knew just how huge the Twilight book series was when she accepted the role of Bella Swan, the morose heroine at the heart of the absurdly popular vampire-romance franchise. A more reluctant movie star we have not seen. Since the first Twilight film grossed the equivalent of a small country’s GNP at the box office – transforming its cast of unknowns into global superstars – Stewart has shown an aversion to public appearances of any kind and an awkwardness with fame and attention that’s sometimes painful to watch. Luckily for her, the rebellious tomboy need only get through next year, when the release of the final two Twilight films will once again throw her into the crosshairs of the paparazzi (and the admirers of her rumored boyfriend, Robert Pattinson). After that, it’s quirky indies and prestige psychodramas from there on out!

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