Kristen in Candy Mag.

imagebam.comKristen quotes:
About Breaking Dawn „It was interesting to play such a solid relationship in this one. There are points where you sort of wonder how Bella and Edward are going to fare. In this case, they do feel incredibly united and like a family. They are not just a couple anymore. They are bonded. They are married. It is done. To see them trying to work through their problems is interesting because they are definitely at odds on many different levels. [Their issues are now more adult] and it really pegs them against each other in an interesting way. It’s weird to see Bella so vulnerable and Edward genuinely angry. You know Bella has always said that she is willing to die for all these things. And she has come close – you see her literally almost commit suicide for it. She is giving herself completely to it.“

Costar Kristen Stewart who was seated beside Taylor when we talked to him, revealed, „A hero is somebody who is able to do things that the common person is just not capable of. He has strength  and a concern for the whole rather than a narcissistic  drive to just be happy. Taylor is an incredibly passionate dude- he has a stronger mind than most people I have ever met. I am sure if you put him in the right situation, he would definitely, absolutely be like the cliche version of a hero.“

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