Translated Interview With Star Club Magazine (France)

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For the promotion of Breaking dawn, Star Club met the pretty and mysterious Kristen who made the effort to fight her shyness and open herself to us.

SC: First of all, how do you explain the madness over Twilight?

KS: If young kids are fascinated by vampires, it’s because they’re night creatures who evolve between two worlds, the living and the dead. I’m not saying teenagers are living dead, but more than often, we’re given the feeling, that as teenagers we’re trapped between two worlds we’re we can’t find a place. On one side, the world of children and on the other the one of adults. In Twilight, Bella looks for impossible and sublime love.

SC: How do you manage your stardom?

KS : Being famous doesn’t bother me, it’s the way, us, actors are perceived. People think that since we’re famous, our high hopes are different from theirs. If only they knew. Our only hope is to have friends, a good quality of life and interesting projects to work on. Just like everyone! People need to stop thinking that as soon as I get home, all my door knobs are golden or that I pay someone to make sure the temperature of my bath is cool enough…

SC: The after Twilight. How do you feel about it?

KS : I’m at the point in my carreer where I need to become independent artistically. Don’t get me wrong, I would never disown Bella or tTwilight, it’s just a natural progression in my carreer.

SC : What are you going to miss the most from Twilight?

KS: The atmosphere on set, my friends, being leagued with the staff. We were one big family, you know.

SC: What are you going to miss the least?

KS : To portray Bella, I had to wear brown contacts seeing as in the books, she has brown eyes and mines are so green. Every hour an ophthalmologist would come and put eye drops into my eyes so I wouldn’t get a cornea infection.

SC: You seem like a really calm person. What makes you mad, if anything does …

KS : Hateful , racist and ignorant sayings. When I hear people criticize without knowing the context , it makes me boil inside.

SC : Do you have a panic room in your house ? Like in the movie you filmed, with Jodies Foster, when you were just a kid.

KS : No, I don’t have a panic room, nor a guard dog, nor a watchtower or muscles men in front of my doors. I don’t have guns either because I’m a not a violent person. I fear though that I might get kill by twitter. One day, someone will find my address and come shoot me. *laughs*

SC : What was the last rumor related to you that made you laugh?

KS : I don’t read gossip magazines but someone told me one that is pretty hilarious. Some journalist said that since I was playing Bella, I intended to raise wolves, on the side of my movie carreer.

The BIG question!

What is the one thing the press told about you that stuck to you and that makes you enrage the most?

KS : It is said that I’m distant and cold. I’m just someone who’s very shy. I’m not comfortable doing interviews because I have to talk about me. To talk about yourself you have to know yourself pretty well and I feel like there are still some shades in me that I don’t know about.


How was the last day on set?

This last day in Canada marked a break from the two previous weeks that were horrible and sad when it came to the weather. It was so cold. For the last day, we finally had some sun and it was nice. Then for the last scene, we got to film on a beach, facing the ocean. There are worse work conditions.

How was the mood on set?

It was really nice. There were more than a hundred people for the last scene, which was great. I’d already done my biggest scenes with Kristen so we were able to relax. Like I said, we had nice weather so it was a nice way to end everything.

Source, Kristen Translation, Rob Translation

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