Breaking Dawn Press Conferance (Mantions Kristen)

Bill Condon

What was it like entering this big franchise?
Bill:I wanted to put my take on the material, but still please the fans and still ahvea cinematic expereince. Making two films wasn’t fun either. Kidding, it was fun. But it was hard. But people like Kristen had days where she’d be a vampire in the morning, pregnant in the afternoon, dead at night. It was difficult some days.

When did the cast give you enlightenment? And what about having Meyer there?
Bill: the first people who arrived were Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. We just sat in a room talking about every page through the script. They showed a tremendous amount – when an actor embodies a role you’ll know it more than they ever will.
Bill: I met with Rob a couple months before we started. We were just having a general talk about Twilight. He mentioned something I ahdn’t known before. He’d been a playing a men who was full of regret and who was self loathing. Because of an episode where he broke away from the Cullen family (the early 30s in Chicago) where he’d explore what it’d be like to kill human beings.
Rob thought it was a killed that played on Edward, but it was never played in the movies. There was Midnight Sun where it’s really explored. SO we had a conversation about that, I worked with Melissa, and we put it into the beginning of the movie. We understood where Edward was coming from. So things like that, so much comes out of those types of meetings.
Working with Steph was incredible. Before we met her we’d be on Twilight LExicon because they had better timelines than we did. But having Steph was incredible, she was there to help us out.

We haven’t seen a screening with big crowds of people, except for last night. Rob and Kristen are so relaxed in the acting – it’s something they don’t even have to act.
The humorous elements.. there are so many serious topics but then there were many funny/light scenes. Talk about the decision to incorporate that.
Bill:The toast, early on it was something with the book. It was something that represented the wedding. I felt god that’d be such a great way to capture everything that’s awkward and weird about weddings. And these characters, when you’ve got Billy Burke. Melissa went and wrote those and I thought they were great.

Bill: The scene with Bella – the shaving the leg and all that – you want to connect to always what Bella is feeling. And that incredible anxiety that anyone would feel, you can’t help but make it funny.

Question: How did you keep the two films separate? A schedule?
Bill: We didn’t. I put my script together, it was a 220 page script. Part 2 begins the *moment* when Part 1 begins. We found the right place to end the first one. There were days when, again, Kristen’s a vampire in the morning and pregnant and dieing in the afternoon.

Poor Kristen had to make their shifts all the time.

Rob jokingly blamed Kristen.
Bill:Well, Rob’s right. (laughter)

Can you talk about the last day of shooting?
Bill: That was the almost last day. The last day was the middle of April and it snowed. It was hard to shoot in Vancouver. There were two big moments. One was the dance between Kristen and Taylor, and Rob stayed for the whole thing. It ended at dawn.
Bill: Everyone got emotional and Kristen cut it with a joke. Because the last take.. high shot.. I call cut.. she starts running in the wedding dress and starts yelling “Jacob come back come back I’ve made a mistake!” (laughter) it was great.
And then that whole moment when Alice and Jasper were dancing. But EVERYONE was there. We called cut and everyone hugged each other. It was great.

Robert Pattinson

imagebam.comQuestion: You guys experienced an extravagant wedding. Would you want one of those in your own life?
Rob: It does seem like a bit of a hassle. I was just doing an interview with Kristen. She got annoyed with me for saying the groom’s role in a wedding is just as a prop (laughter). Playing the part, you kind of realize it’s a clear indication when you’re staring at one end of the aisle and EVERYONE is looking at the girl coming down in a princess dress (laughs)
Rob: it’s really just.. any guy who tries to get involved in a wedding, or has an opinion, … it’s whatever your wife decides a do.

Taylor Lautner

Question: What’s been your craziest fan encounter? And what’s happening next?

Taylor: That’s so tough to choose one. I don’t like using the word crazy. I like the word passionate. Kristen and I had a very interesting Brazil experience. It was out of control but amazing and there was a lot of passion. I’ve had a few girls – a tattoo, a picture of you, or a signature on their arm. That blows my mind. Something new happens every single day. You’d think we’d all get used to it and expect it but every time something happens we’re like „are you kidding me?“ We wouldn’t be here promoting a movie if it weren’t for the passion.

Taylor: As for what’s next, I don’t know to be honest. I’ve been promoting two movies back to back. I’ll have a little break which I’m excited for. I can catch up on sleep.

Question: Can you understand why Jacob just won’t let Bella go? And talk about the last scene you’ve filmed.

Taylor: I go back and forth with Jacob’s persistence. Most of the time, yeah I can understand it. Because sometimes you’re told no in life – you can’t just say „oh, okay.“ You have to be persistent. It requires a lot of hard work. If you believe in something you gotta go for it. Most of the time I could relate. But then there’s moments where I was like „dude, you gotta get over it. it’s time to move on.

Taylor: our last scene was tough because I knew filming the last scene was going to be tough. But it was more emotional for all of us. It didn’t help that my very last scene was with Kristen. Rob comes in and well and breaks it up. It’s Jacob and Bella’s last dance after the wedding. Bella’s off to the honeymoon and he realizes everything he’s been working for is over. It’s an emotional scene and we’re saying goodbye to each other, and that was the very last scene we filmed. And it didn’t help the situation. When we finished Kristen and I looked at each other and didn’t have anything to say. Because the emotion of the scene, and the emotion of the situation – it’s a very special situation. When I watch the scene I have a lot of great memories.



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