R/K Talk About Wanting to Work Together Again

At the press conference for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 we grabbed Rob and Kristen briefly to see if they would ever want to work together again, maybe in a romantic comedy.

After the four year Bella and Edward rollarcoaster, it might be nice to see them in a different genre together, right? Here was what they had to say about the idea:

“I would die to work with [Rob] again,” Kristen said when we threw out the rom-com idea. “I totally would.”

Trust us, when you see the movie you will know why this idea is in our head. They are hilarious down in Brazil!

Rob is game too:

“I would love to,” Pattinson told Celebuzz when asked if he would be up for a romantic comedy with Kristen. “Definitely I would work with her again [outside of Twilight].”

Don’t get ahead of yourselves though, nothing is in the works as has been reported.


Via fiercebitchstew

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