Access Hollywood Interview with Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart said the experience of playing Bella Swan, who follows her heart in the upcoming “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” film was one emotional rollercoaster.

“It would have been alarming if it wasn’t… I had to actually force myself to really have the experience and take the ride as it came, rather than building up to every moment that I’ve spent years with,” Kristen told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson on Thursday about the experience.

“I had to trust that I knew all the things that I wanted to add to it, and just expect them to come. (To herself) Stop thinking, or else you’re going to look back and go, ‘Wow — I never really got to go through that,’” she continued. “It was really emotional, because at times, it felt like how this job should feel, which is like, ‘Wow — I kind of had a real experience there.’”

One of the biggest moments in the Bill Condon-directed movie was the wedding scene, which Kristen said was filled with gravitas.

“It didn’t feel like I was getting married, but it did feel very ceremonial.,” she said. “I felt like something important was happening for sure. Also, I guess the only difference is that it didn’t feel entirely about me. It really felt like, ‘God, you guys, it’s finally happening.’

“It was cool,” she added. “I guess maybe that would be the same at your wedding, I suppose. It did feel good, definitely. It was a genuine feeling of accomplishment.”

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” hits theaters on November 18.

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