Joan Jett and Jake Scott Talk About Kristen

They made a movie about your life. That had to be pretty epic.

It was surreal. Very surreal. It was just such a positive experience. All the actors did an incredible job. Kristen [Stewart] really did, I mean, an amazing job. She did her homework and became me. She’s such a hard worker. If anything, it got The Runaways to be talked about a little bit.

„I was quite worried about casting James and he asked for the meeting, he wanted to meet because he loved the script and he loved the character, and so I took the meeting and in the meeting I realised that he was really perfect for it,“ says the director. „Kristen… at that point she hadn’t done Twilight, she had done a shoot just before us and Twilight came out when we were in editing and so while we were making the film I didn’t know that she was ever going to be this megastar.“

When I put it to Jake that if Twilight had exploded, the role might have been considered too risqué by Stewart’s agent, he retorts, „She wanted to do it, because she wants to prove herself as a credible actor, I suppose.“

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