‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Trailer: 5 Key Scenes

With most of our Kristen Stewart focus zeroed in on a little movie called „The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1,“ which opens next week, she has an equally intriguing film coming down the pike next summer — „Snow White and the Huntsman“ — the trailer for which was unveiled Thursday (November 10) by Apple.

No matter what you might have been expecting, given Stewart’s comments about the film or production photos that were released, this trailer is a doozy and completely delivers on the intense, warrior-esque elements that have been teased.
Here are our five favorite scenes:

1. Charlize Theron Kills It as the Evil Queen
From the second you hear her eerily intense and foreboding voice, to the shots of her mindless murders, to the last shot of the trailer — in which she swoops her exquisite black cloak about her and it turns into a flock of crows — Theron delivers in every sense of the word. It’s going to be fun to watch her Queen and Stewart’s Snow White go toe-to-toe!

2. The Mirror on the Wall
Most of us are familiar with the classic fairy tale upon which this film is based, and while the Mirror is indeed an important part of the story, it can come off a bit campy, depending on the visual effects used to design it. This mirror is just so cool/creepy! When summoned by the Queen via that famous phrase — „Mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?“ — the mirror seems to melt into a puddle of bronze liquid on the floor and then reshapes itself into a hooded, appropriately deep-voiced figure.

3. Stewart Looking Fierce and Kicking Butt
We had a pretty good idea Stewart’s version of the „fairest of them all“ would be different, based on the photo of her in fancy armor and holding a sword, and now, we have even more proof that Stewart’s Snow White is pretty badass. Never does she look innocent or weak, whether on the run, defending herself in armor or confronting a fearsome, growling beast.

4. Chris Hemsworth Is a Perfect Huntsman
„Find me someone who doesn’t fear the dark forest to hunt her down,“ the Queen commands, her voice heard over our first glimpse of Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, wielding an ax and fighting in the forest, which is followed by several other shots of Hemsworth in action, getting down and dirty in battle. It’s a perfect deviation from that pretty-boy Asgardian prince Thor, if we do say so ourselves.

5. Brief Glimpses of the Supporting Players
Even though the title of the film is „Snow White and the Huntsman,“ there are plenty more players in the mix of this fractured fairy tale. Specifically our brief glimpses of Prince Charming, played by „Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides“ star Sam Claflin, who we see both in battle and leaning down to kiss Snow White. Then there are the eight dwarves. Eight, not seven, according to what Stewart revealed to Jay Leno recently, whom we only see for extremely brief moments in the trailer, first walking together, single-file, on the top of a rolling hill, then following behind the Huntsman.


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