Rob and Kristen Sighting at Marcus Foster’s Gig in London

Pic thanks to @bedroomlitany

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You can see Rob in the left corner of the video with a baseball cap on

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okay so i went to the marcus foster gig tonight in camden. while the warm up acts were playing someone backstage moved the curtain and i thought i saw rob in his baseball cap with kristen but i wasnt totally sure. then my friend thought she saw him too and we started freaking out.then like 10 minutes after marcus had started a girl who was next to us came back from the bar completely freaking out like ‘OMGGG I JUST SAW ROBERT PATTINSON!!’ then my friend spotted him in the corner of the room by the door to backstage and to the ladies toilets. after like 10 minutes we decided we HAD to go over we walked past him to go to the toilet and saw him and kristen and tom. when we came back from the toilet we decided to just stay in the corner with him. BEST FUCKING DECISION EVER!we were literally 10cm from them both and they were sooo fuckinggg cute!! rob had his fingers tucked into kristen’s jeans pocket and then she was holding his hand there with her fingers. and then she also had her other arm wrapped round him. they were both kind of dancing/swaying to the music and kept on whispering things in each others ears. tom was standing next to rob and he had his beard and amish hat and was totally the third wheel lol. marcus was incredible and rob and kristen kept screaming his name and clapping along. kristen also was going crazy dancing at some points getting really into it and rob would just smile at her and tap to thebeat on her hip. then sam arrived and he gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and said kristen looked beautiful and she like scoffed at him. when marcus played ‘i was broken’ tom leant over and said something to kristen and she started going crazy like putting both middle fingers up at him and laughing.and it was so amazing cos everyone i mean EVERYONE knew ALL the words to the song. and so at one point when marcus stopped singing the lyrics and everyone was screaming the lyrics back at him, rob and kristen started going crazy like freaking out they were so proud of him. then in another song sam, who was with like his girlfriend or something, started doing a sexy kind of dance with her. so then kristen put her hands in the air and started swaying like going down to the ground while rob just grinned so big at her. at one point kristen also called out ‘MARCUSSS FOSTERRR’ so loud in her american accent and everyone turned round but then marcus was like ‘thanks so much to my family and friends’ *looks over to rob,kristen, sam and tom* and they were all grinning at each other. then it was so funny sam got a chant going of „MARCUS MARCUS“ and everyone in our corner was joining in including rob and kristen. then suddenly everyone stopped and sam was just left going „MARCUS“ by himself and everyone was pissing themselves especially rob. they were constantly touching each other either holding each others fingers, mainly with their arms around each other and also when people were trying to get past rob like pulled kristen into him and was gripping her across her middle.its so obvious theyre together and even my friend who isnt a fan was saying how fucking cute they are together. they also didnt seem to care that everyone could see them cos a woman who worked there came up to them and was like ‘everyone can see you you know like if you can see them, they can see you and they all know you’re here.’ and she asked them if the wanted to go backstage where they could have a good view but kristen just shrugged and they stayed where they were cos no one was bothering them. also it was so cute kristen leant into rob and kept on whispering something to him and every time she pulled away he shook his head really big at her and each time bigger and bigger, grinning at her wider and wider.FUCKING HELL THEY WERE SO ADORABLE. kristen also kept shushing sam and tom when they were joking around when everyone else was quiet and it was just marcus singing without the band it was clear she loves his music so much.i didnt want to take any pictures could it would have been so obvious with how close i was standing and i really didnt want to bother them they looked like they were having such a good time. i was going to ask at the end but literally as soon as marcus finished singing tumble down which was the last song, they grabbed their coats and ran off so literally one second they were there and then it was like id imagined the whole thing.serious ninjas people.
btw rob was wearing a white v neck and jeans with a black baseball cap with white writing/symbol on it. and kristen was wearing skinny jeans, leg warmers and a t shirt. she had her hair down to start and fuck is it amazing but then she tied it up halfway in that sexy way that she did at twi con cos it was so fucking hot in there.
i think thats everything but im sure ill remember more tomorrow when ive calmed down a bit lol. seriously the best night ever- marcus was amazing and i stood behind rob and kristen for like over half an hour!! feel free to ask me questions and ill try and answer them best i can 😀


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