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Rob at the Breaking Dawn Press Conference (Video + Pics + Trancript)

You can see the videos HERE and HERE


Question: You’ve been playing Edward for 4 years, talk about the journey he’s taken through the series. And for yourself personally.
Rob: I think in the broadest terms, Edward’s journey.. I ignored the fact that he’s a vampire and that he’s 108, except for metaphorical purposes. You’re left with a troubled teenager. It’s a really simple story of him content with himself. He gets content by finding a woman and having a child. That’s how a lot of troubled guys balance themselves out? At least that’s the hope anyway.

Question: Bill mentioned that you said Edward was self loathing and it was never presented in the plot of the first three films.
Rob: I always thought that was the key ingredient. He’s been stuck in adolescence. You think everything’s unfair, he’s been living with it for 100 years. You eventually get to the point of desperation. it was difficult to portray that and a love story at the same time. It’s funny but Bill was the first person to say „I want to put this at the forefront“ because Edward’s the happiest he’s been in the series. We did flashbacks that kind of reflect his anger.

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Comic Con 2011 – Master post

11:15-12:15 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1— Summit Entertainment presents a sneak peek at the highly anticipated next chapter of The Twilight Saga. This is a must see for fans interested in the story’s final chapters. You’ll see exclusive footage from The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 and be treated to a filmmaker and cast Q&A session providing details on the first half of the epic two-part finale. Hall H

Press Conference Live Blog: link / Hitflix 


Kristen Stewart is in black high top Converse Chucks! #KStewsShoes #SDCC #thanksforplaying

Just spoke to Rob and Kristen. And I’ll be honest I didn’t even notice his insane hair. I was facing the other side. #mtvsdcc

Given the time of the Hall H panel, this press conference is gonna be very short, assuming it begins.

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First question: What was it like fimling in Brazil, how does it feel to be loved all over the world?
Kristen: It was nice being able to shoot on the actual streets. To see that within the context of the movie is jarring.
Kristen: He looked like an Eclipse poster.

Question: out of all the twilight films, what was the most secretive scene you had to film. And which was most exposed to fans:
Kristen: The wedding was insane. Secret service style. The crew was incredibly inconvienenced. No cell phone, etc. They wanted to keep the dress secret.

Kristen: I had a volturi cloak on cause I had to cover up and that was the only thing we could use.

Question: Couldn’t hear the question.. something about Brazil.
Kristen: We didn’t know we were being photographed. That was weird afterward.

Question: For Kristen. Breaking Dawn was an emotional journey. What was it like filming for months, and how did everything that happens to Bella effect you personally?
Kristen:This one really is loaded with cathartic, impactful huge life moments and they’re not all fantasy. They’re very rooted in reality that I can completely see myself in. Anyone who reads the book can imagine them in it themselves. I can’t let the book punch me in the face every morning. You have to let the moments happen. And they did. And we just went for it. A lot of it.. I feel it was very, very close to the book. At the same time we added bits that suprrised me too in the more iconic bits. In the wedding, at the honeymoon.

Bill Condon: There is no bigger fan of Twilight than Kristen (Kristen: Aw). She’s always there like, „I know what it felt like when I read this the first time.“ You put that pressure on yourself. It’s true.

Question: Do you personally ahve a favorite scene in the movie?
Kristen: There’s a scene with me and Charlie at the wedding that I love so much. And also one with Rene.

Question: Do you guys ever wish this was a small independent film that ran on the Sundance channel? How do you tune out the enormous distractions?
Kristen: If this was a tiny film we ran on sundance we would not be able to do the movie justice. This one is really a big movie and it’s nice to be indulgent. it’s nice to shoot for 6 months with an A LISTER! we wouldn’t be doing the press conference. we’d be sitting in some cool little lofty place. what i’m saying is there’s no different. we’d be having this same conversation probably.

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New pics from the 2011 MTV MA

Още снимки от червения килим, самите награди и кадри зад сцена на Роб, Кристен и Тайлър… Мисля, че ръчицата ми се свърши от цъкане и цъкане 🙂


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Kristen and Rob leaving Chateau Marmont last night

Малко меко казано брутални снимки на Роб и Кристен напускащи Chateau Marmont… Очевидно е, че нарушаването на личното пространство не е по вкуса на никого.

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