Casey Labow talks about Kristen and Rob

PhotobucketВ: Да се върнем назад, имаш ли любим ден или момент от сета, за който би искала да ни разкажеш?

КЛ: Имаше ден, в който снимах сцена с Лий Пейс, Келан, Роб и Кристен. Имаше също и още няколко хора там, но сцената се състоя между мен, Роб, Кристен, Лий и Келан. Аз наистина се забавлявах през този ден, ние прекарахме много забавно.  Ще видите тази сцена.

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Kristen talks motherhood, marriage and finishing the saga with Empire

Twilight has turned her from indie darling into a star, almost despite herself, but as the end of the series approaches Kristen Stewart seems to be more relaxed and comfortable with the response to the saga, and positively confident about the two-part finale. We talked to her recently to learn more about Bella’s wedding, the fans and what she’s working on next…

How do you feel about Breaking Dawn being a two-part film?
I really like it! It’s such a different speed; it’s very very close to the experience of reading the book. I think we were lucky enough to have so much time to spend on every bit of the book. I don’t feel that anything is left out, whereas I watched all the movies before and felt a little sad about certain parts that weren’t in and we don’t really feel that way this time, it’s cool.
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The Interview From Entertainment Weekly

The End Begins

Dude,” says Kristen Stewart. “There was something so sensory about it,” 

An hour ago, Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson – otherwise known as the stars of The Twilight Saga – had their hand-and footprints immortalized in cement outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Still giddy, palms stained a faint gray, the 21-year-old actress waxes poetic to her costars for a moment about how it felt when, right after leaving her prints for posterity, she impulsively grabbed Lautner’s and Pattinson’s hands. “the concrete was so gritty and I didn’t even look, I just found your hands and it really felt like something,” she says. The dudes she’s speaking to, being dudes, burst into laughter. Stewart glares at them with mock rage: “You know what? Fuck you both right now in the face for laughing at me.” 

Pattinson, 25, smiles and teases her for how poised she was during the ceremony. “I noticed how slick you were earlier,” he says. “Everyone’s like, ‘Kristen Stewart is so awkward.’ And you’re like, Little Miss Slick nowadays.” 

It’s not just Stewart who has grown up. Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (rated PG-13, in theaters November 18) is the penultimate chapter based on Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling series – and it delves into some startling stuff. (Yes, yes; spoiler alert). In the film, which was directed by Bill Condon (Dream Girls), fans will see their chaste heroes, Bella and Edward marry (!) and finally have sex (!!), which leads to Bella’s life-threatening pregnancy with a half-vampire fetus and a gory birth scene that you’ll just have to see to believe. Now that production on both movies (Part 2 will be in the theaters November 2012) has wrapped, the actors have each officially begun their post-Twilight careers. Lautner, 19, starred in the thrilled Abduction earlier this fall; Pattinson recently wrapped Cosmopolis; and Stewart is on a short breaking from filming next summer’s Snow White and the Huntsman, costarring Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. The trio- relentless in their affectionate teasing – talked to EW over coffee and pastries in Los Angeles.

What has Bill Condon brought to the franchise as a director? 
Kristen Stewart: I think you could feel his heart. Genuinely. It’s so easy to be influenced by cynicism, to take out a lot of the stuff that’s sentimental. Lines have been cut before – I’ve definitely had that experience on Twilight sets and said, “Oh, but that was so sweet.” Bill didn’t do that. He kept it all in. He really got the fucking love story. I think that we lost that for a while, and now it really feels real again.

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Tinsel Korey mentions Kristen and Robert

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, she says: “I don’t have any scenes with Robert, but I did get to meet him in the make-up process. The first time that I saw him was in the make-up trailer. He’s very, very nice.
“I get to spend more time with Taylor and Kristen. She’s very nice and very reserved from my interaction. She’s playing a role where people have read the books and they imagine the character, so there’s a lot of pressure, but she’s just very focused.“

“The shyness just comes from the fact that she’s really dedicated to bringing this character to life. That’s probably more what people are seeing than anything else.”

Click here to see the rest of the interview

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SWATH Screenwriter Evan Daugherty Talks with Collider about the film

So, the trailer debuted online today, and—from what I’ve seen—the response seems to be pretty positive…


And so, the first question I want to ask you is, why another Snow White movie? We’ve seen a whole bunch of variations on the Snow White story. To me, it’s the same thing as another Robin Hood. So, what’s different about this version?
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Elizabeth Reaser and Stepahnie Myer say Kristen’s „mom skills“ were natural-

“I was completely blown away. I thought she was really wonderful. It was fun to watch her on set with a kid and to see how she handled that. It was pretty cute.” – Elizabeth Reaser

She put so much thought into [playing a mom] beforehand. She kind of fell in love with Mackenzie. … She was a natural with it. She just got that instinct to protect on her own.– Stephanie Myer

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Kristen for VOGUE Italia: Scans + Translation

A translation of her quotes only. There’s nothing in the rest. Except that her favorite fairytale is „The Jungle’s Book“. I apologise for any mistake you’ll find 😛

(On her parents working in the industry) „Both my parents work in film and television, they used to bring me with them at work, where I saw people of every age acting, even children: I immediately understood that I wanted to do it too.“

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Breaking Dawn LA Press Conference – Bill and Stephenie Talk About Rob and Kristen

Bill Condon

Q: What was it like entering this big franchise?
Bill: I wanted to put my take on the material, but still please the fans and still have a cinematic experience. Making two films wasn’t fun either. Kidding, it was fun. But it was hard. But people like Kristen had days where she’d be a vampire in the morning, pregnant in the afternoon, dead at night. It was difficult some days.

Question: When did the cast give you enlightenment?
Bill: The first people who arrived were Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. We just sat in a room talking about every page through the script. They showed a tremendous amount – when an actor embodies a role you’ll know it more than they ever will.
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Rob at the Breaking Dawn Press Conference (Video + Pics + Trancript)

You can see the videos HERE and HERE

Question: You’ve been playing Edward for 4 years, talk about the journey he’s taken through the series. And for yourself personally.
Rob: I think in the broadest terms, Edward’s journey.. I ignored the fact that he’s a vampire and that he’s 108, except for metaphorical purposes. You’re left with a troubled teenager. It’s a really simple story of him content with himself. He gets content by finding a woman and having a child. That’s how a lot of troubled guys balance themselves out? At least that’s the hope anyway.

Question: Bill mentioned that you said Edward was self loathing and it was never presented in the plot of the first three films.
Rob: I always thought that was the key ingredient. He’s been stuck in adolescence. You think everything’s unfair, he’s been living with it for 100 years. You eventually get to the point of desperation. it was difficult to portray that and a love story at the same time. It’s funny but Bill was the first person to say „I want to put this at the forefront“ because Edward’s the happiest he’s been in the series. We did flashbacks that kind of reflect his anger.

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Kristen Stewart On Love, Marriage, Pregnancy—And Saying Goodbye To The Role That Made Her A Global Megastar

It’s the beginning of the end for Bella Swan, but for the actress who plays her, it’s the end of the first major milestone in her career. Just 21, Kristen Stewart has spent the last three years of her life being one of the most famous faces in the world. The Twilight Saga can’t be avoided—it’s released a film a year since 2008 and made tabloid staples (for better or worse) out of stars Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. For a young actress whose first love is the craft, not the celebrity, it’s been intense. But as Kristen Stewart tells Boxoffice, she’s so fused with the role of Bella Swan, she’s invented whole pages of Bella’s history that she swore were in the original books—until she looked it up and realized she’d just imagined those memories. So since she knows Bella better than anybody—maybe even better than Stephenie Meyer—we ask if she really thinks Bella is ready for marriage? And after so many years on the set, what was it like waking up knowing she’d never play Bella again?

What’s it like working on a film where people are so fascinated by the tiny details? However you and your hair designer decide to style your hair for the wedding, thousands of girls are going to copy it for their own wedding or prom.

It’s funny. It’s something you have to put out of your mind while you’re working, or else it’s incredibly heavy, it weighs you down. You want to do something that is clear to you. But at the same time, it makes it exciting, like, „I hope they like it!“ I’m also on their level: I’m just as worried about how the hair is going to look. It’s just not normal for other people to be as concerned about something that you’re concerned about on the movie. Usually, people don’t know, people don’t care. It’s unique, really unique in that way. I’ve never experienced that on another project.

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Sarah Clarke Talks About Renee & Bella’s Relationship

Say What News interviewed Sarah Clarke recently and discussed Renee and Bella’s relationship…

SayWhatNews: Sarah, you know I have to ask about „Twilight“. You play Renee Dwyer, Bella Swan’s mother. Had you read the books before you got the role? And how did you learn about the role of Bella’s mom?

Sarah: I read Twilight because Catherine Hardwicke asked me to. I loved the first book but have to admit that I was under-whelmed about the character of Renee. It was Catherine who convinced me that there was more to her. She grew on me as the movies went on, but I still find her lack of presence in Bella’s life very annoying.

SayWhatNews: Speaking of Renee’s lack of presence in Bella’s life…… Bella’s mom really has no major part in her life when she moves to Forks except for emails and a few phone calls. As a mother, what are your thoughts on Bella and Renee’s distant and some what hands off mother/daughter relationship?

Sarah: Yeah it’s weird…being a mother of two girls myself I found it very frustrating…I finally had to make peace with it and decided that Renee was a different mother than myself. I also have to remember that Bella was 17..and not by then there is a lot more independence.

SayWhatNews: In ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’, we finally get a look at the bond Bella and her mother have when the two share a very special moment on the patio when Renee gives Bella a gift during her visit. Do you feel this was a key moment for the two characters?

Sarah: Absolutely…I think the key to understanding their bond is that there is a mutual respect of personal and emotional space. Renee really does see Bella as an adult and an equal to her…that’s why she doesn’t crowd her.

You can read what she has to say about Breaking Dawn and the rest of the interview at Say What News via Twilight Examiner

Kate Spencer praises Kristen Stewart

Kate Spencer, Sr. Editor/Correspondent at VH1 and, praises Kristen in her new blog entry –

„It’s confused me for years as to why the general reaction to Kristen is so negative. Why more people – more women – don’t applaud her and say, “thank fucking god.” Because that’s what I say every time I see her walking down a red carpet in a pair of Vans, every time I hear her swear, every time I read an interview where she shuts down repeated inquiries about who she’s dating and attempts to answer ridiculously inane questions with a thoughtfulness that is so rarely found in Hollywood these days.“

Bravo, Ms. Spencer! Exactly why we love her so much!

Read the whole blog entry here.