Kristen’s Message to Jay Leno

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Doretta Cannon (aka Potato Lady) talks about Kristen

The celebs Cannon shared the stage with did not strike her as stuck up.

Cannon said “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart was friendly. When I went onstage I whispered in her ear, ‘My granddaughters just loves you,’ said Cannon. 63.


The Potato Lady Doretta Cannon in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2010.10.08

Kristen on Jay Leno Fashion Breakdown


Kristen appeared on Jay Leno last night to promote ‘Welcome To The Rileys’. She looked stunning in a Bird by Juicy Couture Tail Blazer along with some Juicy Couture Leggings. Her graphic Geronimo Tank Top is by Make Believe.She completed her look with some fabulous Christian Louboutin Zhora Pumps which she previously wore in her shoot for Elle US earlier this year. Also if you are interested Kristen was wearing Beaute lady stardust gloss, Chanel shadow duo in taupe and YSL mascara during this appearance.