Kristen Stewart – A person, a girl, like everybody else…

The word “Private”… Very uncommon in these days.

I read so many things… God, I just… People are so mean, like they own every person’s life in the planet. People can love you, like you, have fate in you, believe in you, dislike you, hate you, but most important… People can judge you. And that is the most fucking mistake in our world. You can’t just judge someone, you may judge only yourself… And you know why? Because, people change everyday.

The thing I really don’t understand is why everyone want an explanation… Who are you people, the fucking GOD or something?

Think about that… If your bestfriend(I mean really your BEST friend) cheated on her boyfriend, what would you do? You would support her, even if you think that she did something wrong, right?Because this is what friends do. Well, for 5 years, didn’t you thing that Kristen Stewart was a friend too? You support her, you believe in her, you defend her, you love her… It’s not her fault, that you put her in some fucking pedestal, or you think about her like a role model… She is a human being… A person, a girl, like everybody else… And if she make mistakes, she doesn’t own an apology to you, because she doesn’t know you, like you thing you know her…You don’t own her life! “Private” is a word that everybody have to learn.

For God’s Sake, It’s not some fucking reality show, where people go to show their private parts!

The word “respect” is very interesting… You respect her for 5 years, and now you have less respect for her… How come? The respect is something you have earn for a long time (in this case 5 years), but one mistake and there is no respect… A real fan, or like I call it a real friend is someone who will be by your side, respect you, support you, no matter what…

Leave her alone, leave him alone… Leave that bullshits, and live you life… Don’t make others life your own drama.

The word “Private”… Very uncommon in these days.

wweСпрете да се държите все едно е края на света. Не сме в бразилска теленовела. Това не е вашето лично пространство, че да решавате кое е правилно и кое грешно. Престанете да съдите, защото хората се променят всеки ден… Но най-вече, проверете в тълковните речници смисъла на думата „личен“… В днешно време, много малко хора я разбират! Доста тъжно, но факт… – Ardillita


Universal Pictures has finally found its Huntsman with Chris Hemsworth

From MovieWeb

Universal Pictures has finally found its Huntsman with Chris Hemsworth in talks to star in Snow White and the Huntsman.
We reported last week that Universal had their eye on Chris Hemsworth for the Huntsman role, although an offer had not been made at the time. Now Chris Hemsworth has accepted the role and started negotiations.
The Huntsman search was a long one, with Viggo Mortensen once in talks to star before leaving the project. The studio also offered the part to Hugh Jackman, although he turned it down, and Joel Edgerton was considered a contender for the role as well.
The 27-year-old Chris Hemsworth will play the Huntsman, who is orignally hired by Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen character to track down and kill Snow White (Kristen Stewart). However, he forms a bond with Snow White, becoming her mentor and trainer as they both team up to try and defeat the Queen. Sam Claflin also stars as Snow White’s love interest, the Prince.
Rupert Sanders is directing Snow White and the Huntsman from a screenplay by Evan Daugherty. It isn’t known when production will start on Snow White and the Huntsman yet.
Snow White and the Huntsman comes to theaters December 21st, 2012 and stars Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Sam Claflin, Chris Hemsworth. The film is directed by Rupert Sanders.

Via Kstewangel

MovieWeb съобщават, че Крис Хемсуорт е приел ролята на „ловеца“ в „Снежанка“  и в момента води преговори с продуцентите на филма. „Снежанка и ловецът“ се очаква да излезе на 21  декември 2012, като актьорския състав за момента включва Кристен Стюарт(Снежанка), Чарлииз Терон(Злата мащеха), Сам Клафлин(Чаровния принц) и Крис Хемсуорт(Ловецът).

NY Daily News reports Kristen met w/Superman director, but has „passed“ on the role of Lois Lane

According to a source close to Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming „Superman: Man of Steel,“ K.Stew recently met with the filmmaker and his wife, Deborah – who’s a producer on the film with Christopher („Inception“) Nolan – to discuss her taking the role of Lane.

The meeting could not have lasted long. The source says Stewart „ultimately passed“ on being cast as the intrepid Daily Planet reporter who works alongside Clark Kent and becomes Superman’s love interest. Our source, who works with Snyder, says the director did not offer Stewart the role, but had „definite“ interest in her playing the quick-thinking brunette.
Stewart, however, had specific reasons for turning down the part. The source says the intense-eyed actress…was „caught off guard“ by the success of that film franchise and wasn’t ready to leap into a similar situation just yet. Instead, the source said, Stewart professed an interest in „smaller, independent films.“ (Stewart’s spokeswoman said only that she „did not read for the part“ and declined to elaborate.)

Legitimate reasons, perhaps, but our source says Snyder was left feeling „slighted“ by Stewart and that the awkward beauty had „wasted his time.“

Warner Bros. did not get back to us with a comment by deadline. Another insider close to the actress says she hasn’t ruled out the title role in director Rupert Sanders’ „Snow White and the Huntsman,“ which is to begin filming this summer. Production for „Superman“ is also to begin in Vancouver this summer – which could have meant a potential conflict for Stewart, had she wanted both roles.


Според статията и източника Кристен се е срещнала със създателя на „Супермен“ и жена му, за да обсъдят възможното й участието във филма. Но тя е отказала да играе каквото и да било. А и какво вече знаем, из интернет щъкат постоянни спекулации около набирането на каст за филма „Снежанка и ловецът“, по точно около преговорите главната роля на Снежанка да бъде играна от Кристен. Явно графиците относно снимките на двата филма се припокриват ( и „Снежанка“ и „Супермен“ започват снимки това лято) и ако Кристен реши да участва, трябва да избира или в единия, или в другия… Но всичко до тук казано е просто слух, спекулация и клюка… Още нищо не е потвърдено от шефовете 🙂